Building Permit Basics

Building Permit Basics

Building inspection is a very critical aspect of any sort of construction. It is often considered a nuisance, as most of the people don’t understand the process and the rest just don’t want to undergo a long process of paperwork. When your building will stand strong and tall, it will all be worth it in the end.

Below are some questions which, you might ask before getting your building checked and the answers will help you clear your doubts and get a better look at the bigger picture.

  1. What is the process of pre-application review and its working?

There are times when an applicant has no knowledge about the codes listed by the “Department of Building Inspection” which can harm them during a construction. Jot down your questions in a document formally and send it for a review process in the nearest department of building inspection. Soon, you will be notified with a date of the meeting within three business days alongside an additional feewhich will be charged after the first two free hours. This review will help you get the basic overall knowledge about the concept of inspection and will make you familiar with the rules that you must follow.

  1. How can I review soil reports?

You can avail your soil report at the public review of Department of Building Inspection during business hours. If not present, you can submit a request which will be reverted within 10 days and some additional fees might be required.

  1. What is the meaning of turnaround time for the approval of building permit?

It is the time which is required by your inspecting officer to analyze the reports made on your construction and give you his/her final decision. It depends upon the amount of work which the inspector has to perform, but if the decision is delayed longer than expected you can file a complaint with the Department of Building Inspection or contact them directly via phone call.

  1. What is the meaning of the building permit is on hold?

Usually this means that the inspecting officer require some more information like revised drawing and calculations before making his final decision. You can submit a request in department of building inspection or you can contact them directly via phone call.

  1. How to request an extension for an under review building permit application?

To request an extension you must submit a request in a written format to your city’s department of building inspection. Additional extension fees will be applicable.

  1. What is the duration of a building permit validation?

This duration is dependent upon the overall projected cost of the work to be done during the construction. You can get more details like fees and time from any public information counter by submitting a request or directly calling them.

  1. Process of finding my district inspector?

To find out who will be investigating your building during the construction you can call the Department of Building Inspection or you can stop by your local public information center for further inquiry.

There are many questions which can arise during a starting or making of any construction, but with some basic knowledge you can easily pace your way through this process in no time.

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