DIY Home Design Basics

DIY Home Design Basics

Ever wonder how often people hire an architect when they want their house built. Or go to a licensed architect for rebuilding kitchen. Most of us come up with our own ideas or refer to a catalogue. Generally, the owner of the house comes up with an overview and then may hire a designer and get the blue print ready. The owner may then hire an engineer to review and stamp anything that might be deemed as questionable to the building department.

Anybody can design a house or renovate a section of the house and call themselves “designers”. It is astonishing to know that most of the architects rarely ever design a house in their whole career. They are usually involved in large scale projects like schools, multi-family houses and buildings. It is these non-architect designers that actually help in these small scale projects.

A certified house designer is taken to have less academic training but is likely to have more first-hand experience when it comes to details of house construction. They have equal or more knowledge of basic house structural design, the materials to be used, spacing and the practical complications of building construction.

The first step to heir such designer is to look at their portfolios. If you like their designs then communicate your needs and desires distinctly so that there no conflict arises in future. You need to question the designer regarding what services they offer, the charges and if needed, consult more designers.

Draft Persons

A draft person is professionally trained to make precise drawings of buildings. These are the final drawings that are used to obtain building permits. If you take your rough housing plans to the draft person, he will work using your ideas and may correct the few glitches that he come across regarding the codes and specification but he is not liable for the mistakes in the plans. So it is better for the owner to take precedence of the plans to avoid conflicts. In a budget crisis, draft person is a better option compared to an architect or a designer but the owner is solely responsible for the plans. His codes and specifications are related to safety and not to the standards of intelligent design and comfort.

Design Builders

If you intend to hire a design building contractor, you should know that they tend to offer the same basic building designs to most of their projects. They might have architects and designers or some untrained person with hand-on designing experience but they may not offer specially designed houses to everyone and charge additionally for such service.

Engineers and Consultants

You might need engineers and consultants to check your building plans and put a stamp on it. These structural engineers are appointed to review the technical faults that might arise regarding structural support, the water plan, foundation and its soil. You will not regret putting your money into an engineer, especially if the owner was the designer of the house, as they have little or no technical knowledge.

You can definitely design and build your own house however, it’s better to consult experts to avoid crying over it later.

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