How to Make Your Small Bedroom To Appear Larger

Your Small Bedroom Will Appear Smaller No More

The most special room of the house to most – the bedroom usually gets a lot of attention and often so much that too many things are added to make it look good. This is particularly problematic since most houses these days are cramped for space. People often need help with making their bedroom look larger and brighter and this is especially true in case of those who are just settling down. Listed below are a few tricks and hints on how you can create an illusion or actual space in your bedroom and make it look prettier, all at the same time.

• Like all the other rooms, choose furniture which functions as more than one and look for hidden spaces which can be utilized. For example, a bed side table could be replaced with a nightstand which can serve both as the place to keep your creams and lotions, reading lamp, alarm clock, the book you read at night and the drawers can be used to store your lingerie, socks and other clothing items.

Cool Storage Space for Tiny Living Places

• Choose lighter colors and have enough lighting in the room.

• Have the same color done for the walls and the ceiling. Try to keep the furniture of the same color too. This creates an illusion of space. The ceiling being colored and being of the same tone will remove the lines which separate the walls from it and thus there will seemingly be no parameters of either ending or beginning. The upholstery can be of a shade darker to create depth and make the look more interesting.

Small Bedroom Decor Ideas - Tone in Tone Furniture Walls

• Try to use as much wall space and height as possible. In fact, instead of furniture beside the bed, use the wall behind it to get a built-in shelf done. It will save a lot of floor space and help to reduce clutter. You can just reach out and take out your favorite book at night and give it another read.

Small Bedroom Decor Ideas - Built-In Around the Bed Storage


• Instead of floor and standing lamps, use pendants. They are space saving and create an attractive zone of light, adding dimension to the room.


Small Bedroom Decor Ideas - Tone in Tone Furniture Walls 2

Mirrors are an age-old trick to create depth and intensity. See if it is possible to get mirrors on the front of your cupboard or wardrobe.


• You could get your dressing table moved inside the wardrobe by placing a mirror on the inside walls and keeping your make up and jewelry organized in a segmented drawer inside the wardrobe.


Small Bedroom Decor Ideas - Dressing Table inside the Wardrobe

• Use the space beneath your bed. You can try the boxes or crates with wheels so that your seasonal shoes can be dragged out fast in times of need.

Small Bedroom Decor Ideas - Bed Storage

• Use the hallway cupboard to hang your blazers and less used dresses and clothes since they are after all, less used!

Clutter free is the way to go in case of any room which needs to look big and needs to be spacious. So tuck away your unused or less used stuff in places which are outside the room or maybe some place which doesn’t come in the way and you have more space!

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