What Is A Half-Bath And How To Make The Most Of It

What is a Half-Bath and How to Make the Most of It

The term ‘half-bath’ is not used with respect to the size but the usage and the options of things that can be done inside the room. A half bath usually has a sink or a basin and a toilet. It lacks the shower or a space to take a bath. However, sometimes there are half baths which are big in size but do not have the option of a shower. Variations are also called powder rooms, men’s bathroom, etc.

When thinking of a space for building the half-bath try to think of some unused or ignored place so that you don’t intrude on important and necessary space. It can be beneath the staircase or the basement or maybe a large unnecessary storage closet. However, it would be best to choose a place which is close to the water and sewage pipe connectivity lest you want to completely remodel your house. Since half-baths are already small in size, use space saving, sleek and smart things such as a single vanity which has storage space beneath for your towels and napkins. Baskets can also be kept and if possible, you can keep the bin under the vanity too which makes the place appear tidier as well.

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The main intention of starting the half-bath was probably to increase the value of houses on sale. There is always an element of attraction associated with novelty – be it necessary or not. However, half baths can be built with care and intelligence and can be a sign of your care towards home making. It can be a great space for doing other things which you do not have room for in your house otherwise. For example, it can be used for doing the laundry. If you have a slightly bigger space, you can utilize a portion of the room to create a laundry section.

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In most houses, half-baths are for guests and hence their functionality and good looks should go hand in hand. Everything from the lighting to the positioning of things should be correct so as to maximize utility and minimize confusion. Recessed lighting does a great work at half baths owing to their no hankering for space and top light effects. Lighter colors as always go for the walls and the floor. You can also try wallpapers of pastel shades instead of plain colors. Remember that half-baths are more about being user-friendly and hence you do not need to put in too many things, especially since it is not meant to be a space for taking baths. Keep whatever is necessary and never keep what isn’t. A small shelf with a mirror is a perfect choice for half-baths. The shelf will be good to hold brushes, pastes, soaps, face washes, liquid soaps, hand washes, a few basic medicines, tissues and the like. What you can do is choose the vanity, the shelf, the mirror with care so that they look a little out of the ordinary and speak for themselves.

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